About our salt

Sherrill Evans and Josh Wright

The process of making Pembrokeshire Sea Salt begins by collecting seawater (lots of seawater) from the sea near Newport in North Pembrokeshire. We monitor the weather and tidal conditions to optimise the quality of the water we collect, and then pass the seawater through superfine filters to ensure it is free from any debris. We heat the water to begin the evaporation process, and over a period of many hours and days allow the process to continue until salt flakes and crystals form. After more hours drying, our pure, clear, crispy salt is ready to be packaged, sold and enjoyed!
We think our strapline – PURE – NATURAL – TASTY – NOTHING ADDED – says it all, we hope you agree!
Our salt is available in 100g, 200g, 500g and 1kg packs, through our web shop, the local producers market in Newport every Monday morning, and other local outlets and events. See the web shop for more details and prices.