Welcome to Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Company

Creating the perfect sea salt doesn't happen overnight. 

Welcome to Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Company – an exciting new venture based in North Pembrokeshire. Launched in 2016, we are a small business with a clear but simple vision – to turn seawater into salt! Not just any old salt, but Pembrokeshire Sea Salt – a local, high quality, Welsh Sea Salt that can compete with the best for taste, texture and appearance.

Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Company is the shared dream of Sherrill Evans and Josh Wright. While making sea salt was Sherrill’s brain-child, Josh’s expertise in product testing and quality control helped the dream become a reality.
Our story began a good few years ago, when, after having been introduced to ‘Dead Sea Body Scrubs’, Sherrill began making her own cosmetic scrubs using shop bought sea salt. She soon questioned why she was buying sea salt when she lived so close to the sea, and began experimenting with methods and systems for viable salt production for her own use. After seeing, feeling and tasting the quality of the natural sea salt that could be produced from local waters, she then began to wonder whether the salt was good enough to be used as a culinary product, as well as a cosmetic ingredient. After a lot of research, speaking to family and friends, retailers, caterers and other people in the know, it became clear that there was a market for another Welsh Sea Salt, this one from the bottom left hand corner of God’s Own County!
So, Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Company was born. Naming the company, making the salt, even the market research – those were the easy bits! Getting the salt into production and selling it wasn’t quite so straightforward, but having negotiated our way through the food safety, food hygiene and various other regulations we are now ready to launch. Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Company is open for business!